Deep State

Endor Productions | FOX

Perry Gibbs


Owen Hulme


Full post-production on 8 x 45-minute series for FOX

Deep State, a new 8 part TV drama series produced by Endor for Fox Europe, combines gripping political thriller with high stakes family drama.

Max Easton is drawn back to his nefarious past as an MI6 agent in order to save his new family.

From the backstreets of Beirut and rooftops of Tehran, to the riverside offices of MI6 and Washington's CIA headquarters, Deep State takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey across several continents.

For the producers, making sure the audience knew where they were was key. In such a fast paced thriller taking place in various places simultaneously it was decided that a successful way to achieve this would be to colour code the various locations. A dream come true for Farm Colourist Perry Gibbs.

Shot with Arri Alexa and Leica Summilux lenses Cinematographers David Higgs and Nic Lawson produced beautifully acquired images affording the grade plenty of latitude.

As a result looks were created for each of the key locations, sometimes shot in the same country. Morocco doubled for both Tehran and Beirut yet they were given quite distinct looks - blue and green colour biases respectively. The American south however was pushed orange whilst London and France were kept quite neutrally 'classic' albeit rich in colour and contrast.

The original Arri footage was upressed to UHD and a full 16bit DPX workflow was followed throughout final post.

Editor, Owen Hulme completed the online using Autodesk Flame.

Dubbing Mixer, Nigel Edwards mixed the audio using ProTools 12 on an Avid S6 console.

Post-produced by Harriet Dale and Annie Gordon.

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