Common Ground

Baby Cow | Sky Atlantic

Tom Corbett


Chelsea Chandler

10 x 11 Minutes

Director of Photography, Ed Moore, shot the series on an Alexa. Senior colourist Colin Peters graded the raw Alexa files on the Nucoda Film Master to create a naturalistic environment, giving each short a rich and filmic hue. 

With the use of Sapphire plug-ins, Auto Tracker, Chromo and Luminos Keys, Colin achieved a feature film appearance by bringing out the intense colours of the production. Locations repeat throughout the series from different viewpoints, with characters such as Sunshine Simon appearing in more than one episode. New character viewpoints provided Colin with the opportunity for fresh elements to be used.

Tom Corbett mixed in 5.1 surround. With each episode being a new set up, this meant that each mix was started from a new perspective. The challenge set for Tom by sound recordist, Russell Jeffery, was to achieve a filmic composition whilst still getting the mix to translate on TV speakers.

Thomas Holborow onlined the series.