BBC Grafton House Productions | BBC Three

Sonny Sheridan


Owen Hulme


Harriet Dale

Full post production on BBC Grafton House Productions’ 6 x 45 min new university drama for BBC Three.

Colourist, Sonny Sheridan, graded the series using Digital Vision’s Nucoda to establish a dynamic and stylised cinematic tone. To reflect the unravelling storyline and darkness behind a ‘Clique’ of glamorous girls many layers were applied, with each utilising a different shape to focus on the desired area using highlight and contrast. Additionally, various vignettes were applied to bring down the edges of shots, giving depth to the shadows and elements within the scene, whilst highlighting the character.

Dubbing Mixer, Andrew Godwin mixed the audio using ProTools HDX version 12, on an Avid S6 console. In some scenes, Godwin duplicated the music track, creating a clean music track and one or two heavily affected tracks, often using the Altiverb Plug In. Having music on separate faders allowed Godwin to drift and blend between the different musical effects at ease, complimenting the transitions of emotions within the storyline. Some scenes which didn’t have any dialogue were re-built using Foley and sound FX, enabling certain sounds to be heightened which when mixed with the score, created a tension or unease to compliment the story.

Owen Hulme completed the online using Avid DS Nitris.

Post produced by Harriet Dale and Chris Foster.

Watch it on Sunday’s on BBC Three from Sunday 5th March, and catch up on BBC iPlayer now.

Also, meet the Clique team on BBC Three.

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