Brian Cox Wonders Of Life


Sonny Sheridan


Nick Fry


Chelsea Chandler


Jamie Shemeld

5 x 60 Minutes

Senior colourist Sonny Sheridan used the Nucoda Film Master, adding several layers to different parts of the frame to deliver a high key, glossy veneer to the different locations of the series. Shot on the Alexa, Sonny inverted grabs to bring back the detail into low light shots. Using vignettes, Sonny was able to focus the action and draw the audience to certain areas of the screen.

Wonders of Life was acquired on several differing large sensor cameras and in order to ensure the beautiful clarity of these images was maintained, native frame sizes and high data rates were used  throughout the post production mastering process.

Jamie Shemeld onlined the series and Nick Fry mixed in Pro Tools.