Red Production Company | BBC1

Owen Hulme


Aidan Farrell


Full post on BBC1's brand new 3 x 60 minute drama which follows the story of a man who wakes from a blackout to find he's committed a violent crime, and begins a dramatic quest for redemption.

Aidan Farrell utilised Film Master’s various tools to create a highly stylized look for this series. Gritty texture and highly saturated tones were achieved throughout to provoke the mood and drama of the piece. Sapphire plug-ins were used to create anamorphic flare effects in many scenes and DVO tools were used to create a grain effect, giving the series a rich and filmic texture.

Nigel Edwards used Pro Tools to create a Gotham city type atmosphere reflecting the chaotic life of the lead character. This was accomplished with many layers of sound design to complement the dark, forbidding images. The lastest Pro Tools system proved invaluable as the track count climbed to over 250 tracks.

Owen Hulme onlined the series with Symphony.