Bitter Lake

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Nick Fry


Tam Osman


Finishing post on 1 x 137 min feature documentary exclusively for BBC iPlayer.

Bitter Lake is a brave and epic piece of work that explores why the “big picture” stories that politicians proclaim have become so simplified that they really make little sense and prevent us from seeing the truth.

Colin Peters, Tam Osman, and Nick Fry continued their long standing collaboration with Adam Curtis, working closely on a film made up entirely of archive material.

Using the Nucoda Film Master Peters graded and enhanced both the films' large archive content and its specially shot footage in order to create a rich and textural visual landscape for this thought provoking, if sometimes disturbing, documentary feature.
Tam Osman completed the online with Avid Symphony and Nick Fry worked closely with Adam to create a very specific mix, using Pro Tools 11.