Bad Nature

Rebel Television | Sky Kids & Sky One | 06/04/20

Dan Gill


James Beynon


Kaya Harrington


Ghost VFX

Gabriel Valente

Krisztian Dani

Matthew Fitzgerald

Dwayne Green

Sam Ridgeway

Cristina Recuero

Elaine Sprankle

Riess Shafique

Melissa Curran


Daniel Smith


Matt Richardson


Annie Gordon

Full post production and visual effects on the 25 x 5 minute children’s factual entertainment series for Sky.

Bad Nature is a live-action comedy that combines natural history footage with state of the art animation, seeing anchors Marv the Mandrill, Gloria the Puma and their roving animal reporters answer all the wonderfully weird questions you never knew existed. Questions such as: which animal’s poo can be seen from space, what creature squirts blood out of its eyes to ward off potential predators and what animal turns into a block of ice to combat the cold?

Coordinated by Daniel Smith and supervised by Matt Richardson, FarmFX created visual effects across a wide range of platforms from Maya, and MocapX to Nuke and Adobe. The animation and VFX was completed by Dwayne Green and Sam Ridgway, whilst Gabriel Valente, Cristina Recuero, Elaine Sprankle, Krisztian Dani, Riess Shafique, Melissa Curran and Matt Fitzgerald worked on the 2d team. VFX produced by Anna-Louise Gordon. 

Dan Gill used Digital Vision’s Nucoda to grade the series whist the online was completed by James Benyon on Avid Symphony.

Mixed on Pro Tools 12 by Joe Siddons, with tracklaying by James Spooner.

Post Produced by Kaya Harrington.


Bad Nature