American High School

Swan Films | BBC Three

Sonny Sheridan


Mark Redfern


Lauren Ellis-Jones

Full picture and audio post production on 6 x 60 min series for BBC Three.

Sonny Sheridan graded the series with Digital Vision’s Nucoda. As much as it is a documentary, it is driven by the drama and vibrancy of the lives of the students from Orangeburg-Wilkinson, South Carolina.

The students are so energetic and full of life, Sheridan wanted to emulate that same energy and warmth in the grade. Using clarity, layers and tracking Sheridan was able to portray this.

Dubbing Mixer Tristan Powell mixed the audio with Pro Tools 12 and Avid’s S6 Console.

Powell utilized the iZotope RX5 noise reduction plug-ins and Pro Tools compressors to help bed the dialogue in with the score, while making sure he brought out the intricacies in the music composed specifically for the series.

Mark Redfern completed the online with Avid Symphony.

Post-Produced by Lauren Ellis-Jones. (2)