Ambulance Series 5

Dragonfly Film & TV | BBC One | 30/05/19

Max Goldini


Dan Evans


Mark Ryder


Martin Day

For the first time, Ambulance Series 5 shot in Liverpool as well as returning to shoot in Manchester and with full post production also returning to Farm Manchester facilities after a successful Series 4. Full finishing post production was completed by members of the in-house Farm Manchester team.


Colourist, Max Goldini graded the series on Digital Vision Nucoda, working with the various footage shot across fixed-rig, drone and helicopter aerials across different locations within Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Max created dynamic environments which complemented the storyline and human drama taking place within the control room which is built up of a large physical facility and services that are monitored and controlled daily. Alongside this, Max heightened the intimate feel for each call out to engage viewers. Max utilised vignettes to focus the attention on the operators and their activities to really engage viewers. During call outs, Mattes and Keys were applied to create a balanced environment, whilst also applying blurs and shapes to create depth of field.


Online editor, Dan Evans completed the online using Avid Symphony.


Dubbing Mixer, Mark Ryder, completed the sound post from Tracklay through to final mix using Pro Tools Ultimate on an Avid S6 console. All of the location sound is self-shot rather than being acquired by a sound recordist due to the highly sensitive and challenging situations. To compliment this decision, Mark cleaned up and removed unwanted noise using Izotope RX6. Clarity of dialogue is paramount for the Ambulance series. Care was taken to produce a mix where the location sound was clear and unobstructed. For the production the decision was made to keep the sound of the 999 calls from inside the perspective of the phone call. This helps to highlight the difficult job the call handlers do in a highly stressful situation.


Post produced by Martin Day at Farm Manchester.

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