30 & Counting

Bwark Productions | Sky Living HD

Sonny Sheridan


Colour grade on 1 x 30 min romantic comedy for Sky Living HD.

Shot on an Alexa, senior colourist Sonny Sheridan and DoP Jamie Cairney wanted to create a very filmic guise to the comedy. Contrasting the blues and blacks with the warm skin tones of the characters, allowed Sonny and Jamie to generate a great depth and vibrancy within the programme. Moreover, Sonny used defocus and grads to add layers, which draws the eye of the audience to specific parts of the frame.
Shot in Hoxton, a young and vibrant atmosphere was what the creators Chris Little and Tom Vinnicombe were aiming for. Adding to this premise, Sonny’s beautifully stylised grade complimented and enriched the comedy of the programme.