24 Hours In Police Custody

The Garden Productions | Channel 4

Full post production on 20 x 60 min documentary series for Channel 4.

Bedfordshire Police allowed more than 80 cameras to follow their work for this landmark documentary series. Filmed by a combination of fixed-rig and handheld cameras, this prime-time series will provide insight into the enormous challenges faced by the staff and an understanding of a busy police station.

Sonny Sheridan graded the series with the Nucoda Film Master, using several of the Nucoda’s attributes to instil a neutral grade on the content. Sheridan’s aim, along with production, was to avoid an intrusive grade and to emphasize the reality of the series. For example, within interviews, Sheridan used slight and soft vignettes to focus the audience on the content, with the whites keyed to be kept clear using HLS and H-curve.

Nick Fry mixed the audio with Pro Tools 11, and was faced with the challenge of working with over 40 different mics. Tam Osman completed the online with Avid Symphony.