24 Hours in A & E Series 15

The Garden Productions | Channel 4

Full post production on documentary series for Channel 4.

The award winning documentary series, 24 Hours in A & E, is back for another series highlighting one of the busiest A&E departments in the world at St. George’s Hospital where stories of life, love and loss unfold minute by minute.

The Farm’s technical team designed, set up and ran the on site acquisition system to capture over 8000 hours of HD video and audio directly to Avid Isis utilising an EVS and Avid interplay workflow, media was then transferred via LTO to the Farm’s Soho facility to begin the edit process.

Nuala Sheridan and Dan Gill graded the series using Digital Visions Nucoda, whilst Tam Osman, Stef Henley and Bex Murray finished the online with Avid Symphony.

Laurence Gale and Sonny Lota mixed the audio with Pro Tools 12.

Post produced by Chelsea Chandler.

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