Paul Jones

Executive Post Producer



Hunted, Series 1-3, Channel 4

Goblin Works Garage, Series 1, Discovery

Celebrity Hunted, Series 1-2, Channel 4

Written in Blood, Series 1, CBS Reality

Life Stripped Bare, Channel 4

The Island with Bear Grylls, Series 1-4, Channel 4

Written in Blood, Series 1, CBS Reality

How to Start an Airline, Channel 4

Celeb Island with Bear Grylls, Series 1-2, Channel 4

The Mash Report, Series 1, Channel 4

Mandela, My Dad and Me, Theatrical

Ali A’s Superchargers, CBBC

Ill Gotten Gain, Series 1-2, BBC 1

Got to Dance, Series 1-5, Sky 1

Placebo Unplugged, MTV

Taxi of Mom and Dad, Channel 4

Diversity Presents Steal the Show, ITV

iTunes Festival, Channel 4 / Apple

BeBeautiful, ITVBe

The Face, Sky 1

4Music Special: Lady Gaga, Channel 4

Must be the Music, Sky 1

The Box, BBC 1

Quads: Our First Year, ITV

Music Special: Robbie Williams, Channel 4

Sing Date, Series 1-2, Sky 1

Ashely Banjos Big Town Dance, Sky 1

Scheiffer Bates: iCon, Channel 4

Made Over By, Channel 4

The Ballroom Boys, Channel 4

4Music Special: Shakira, Channel 4

BeTasty, ITVBe

Marstons: One Ale of a Job, Channel 5

Diversity Digitised in 3D, Sky 3D

C4 Music Special: P Diddy, Channel 4

Daily Brunch, Channel 4

Quadruplets and Homeless, Channel 4

Mel and Sue, ITV

4Music Special: Avril Lavigne, Channel 4

Auf Wiedersehen My Pet, Channel 4

Dirty Great Machines, Channel 5

The Love Machine, Sky 1

Britain’s Best Bakery, Series 1-2, ITV

4Music Special : Snow Patrol, Channel 4

Geeks, Channel 4

The Lying Game: Crimes that fooled Britain, Channel 4

The Undriveables, ITV

Vertigo Roadtrip, Channel 4

Ashely Banjos Secret Street Crew, Series 1-5, Sky 1

Jewish Mum of the Year, Channel 4

Jordan and Perris Ultimate Block Party, Sky 1

Saatchi’s Best of Britain, Channel 4

Jews at Ten, Channel 4

Kellie The Girl who Played with Fire, Channel 4

Young, Bright and on the Right, BBC2

Nursing the Nation, ITV

Eddie Stobarts Trucks and Trailers, Series 1-5, Channel 5

Famous and Fearless, Channel 4

Lily Allen: From Rags to Riches, Channel 4

The Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius, Channel 4

The Big Art Project, Channel 4

Chris and Wes Lets Do This, Sky 1

My Story, Channel 4

T4, Ch 4