The Farm are thrilled to host artist, Lou Hamilton's exhibition, Freeze Frame - Soho Solo Show, which will launch on 9th March 2017 at The Farm Group's facility, William, on Marshall Street.

Lou Hamilton recently stood as both an artist and film-maker, with a group of artists in Trafalgar Square, London on Wednesday 8th March 2017 to support International Women’s Day 2017 and stand up to what they say is sexism in their industry.

The group of artists held red and blue balloons to highlight the balance there is between men and women when it comes to selling art online, compared to in galleries.

The campaigners say female artists often outsell men on sites like Artfinder, but are overlooked in high-end shops. Lou Hamilton is on the Artfinder online platform and was interviewed on London news.

Watch here.

Lou Hamilton stated, ‘’Technology, online platforms & social media mean that in Art, at least we can now get past the gatekeepers and make our work, market it, show it and sell it. As well as also having access to hang work in spaces like The Farm where gender is irrelevant.’’

(International Womens Day photo credit: Artfinder)