The Farm North At The World Cup 2014


Working hard  in Rio are the ‘Samba Pa-ti’ quartet of Dom Robson-Smith, Ali Geobey, Nick Perry and Paul Farmer. The guys are leading the post production operation based at the IBC in Rio – coordinating with the team back in Salford where much of the transmission output for the highlights shows and red button services is based.

Paul Farmer is Lead Editor and Technologist on site, whist Dom and Nick are Senior Editors in the creative team and in his Post Supervision role, Ali is coordinating much of the media transfer between Rio and Salford.

Back in Salford the tech team are working through the night for much of the duration of the tournament producing the morning Match of the Day highlights shows that transmit on BBC2. The Farm Sport News studio team are also being kept busy coordinating and producing all Sport News bulletins from Rio for all BBC News outputs, including nightly World Cup Sportsday programmes for BBC News 24 and BBC Worldwide.

The World Cup is not the only major event that the Farm North Sport Team is managing during June and into July. The team is also responsible for all Red button and IPTV output through the facilities in Quay House. This includes a major commitment to supporting the Wimbledon coverage across 12 output streams, as well as concurrently coordinating the Red Button coverage for Glastonbury across 6 output streams – not to mention squeezing in the ITU World Triathlon coverage from Chicago.


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