Peter Collins speaks at Broadcast TECH’s third Tech Fest 2018


We were delighted to see our Head of Scripted Pipeline, Peter Collins, speaking at Broadcast’s TECH third Tech Fest 2018 at the Dolby Screening Rooms on the 7th November.

He was joined by Fremantle’s William Simpson, Endemol’s Joe Harbinson, Jenny Hammerton and Alan Griffiths.  Content storage, management and monetisation of archive in the age of streaming services, online video and UHD were the focus points for the Tech Fest. 

Collins and the rest of the panelist's brought their expertise to discuss how post houses and in-house facilities at large production firms manage archives and content storage in a time of online video, streaming services and Ultra High Definition (UHD). Collins discussed the points that, “there’s a divergence between working on compressed and uncompressed material and the data as a result of that process … uncompressed material might consume 5TB of storage per hour so you are looking at 50TB for a series. If you are working on three shows at once, you are generating huge data sets.” Collins also added, “We also have to factor in costs for our infrastructure and processes. While the work itself hasn’t changed, the cost of storing data has definitely grown,” he added (Broadcast Now). 

The panel debated the pros and cons of LTO magnetic tapes versus the cloud for content storage. Collins goes on to discuss problems arising from UHD and HDR footage and the growing need to retain high quality files for reversioning.

The jury were undecided on whether AI applications could aid the tracking and management of archives. Collin’s said that given time, they might improve things but currently ‘you need a human to be involved as humans can make creative decisions in the way AI can’t.’

Read more from experts in the full Making The Most of Archive’ article on Broadcast Now online by clicking here.

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