Michaela Cole’s new drama, I May Destroy You


I May Destroy You, Michaela Cole’s dazzling new 12-part drama about consent and modern relationships, airs until July 14th on Monday and Tuesday nights at 10:45pm on BBC One, with catch up available on BBC iPlayer. It is also showing on HBO in the US.

We’re absolutely honoured to have worked with VAL TV to produce this ‘astonishing, beautiful, thrilling series’ that charts the fallout from a sexual assault which occurs after Arabella - played by Cole - has her drink spiked.

I May Destroy You has quickly been acclaimed by the press on both sides of the Atlantic:


Could this be the best drama of the year?

‘It is, in short, an extraordinary, breathtaking achievement without a false note in it, shot through with humour and with ideas, talent and character to burn at every perfectly plotted turn. The friends are as ineffably, inexplicably funny together as friends always are, the counsellor who recommends handicrafts as a salve for sexual trauma is painfully amusing, and there are innumerable other points at which Coel’s script modulates smoothly and unerringly from comedy to tragedy and back again. It is the drama of the year so far.’


An honest and unparalleled exploration of sexual assault and survival

‘No TV show has ever shown the complexities of sexual assault and how it affects survivors, their friends and their communities quite like this difficult, harrowing and hilarious drama.’


Michaela Coel is Transfixing in I May Destroy You

‘At its best, I May Destroy You ruffles your feathers unpleasantly, creating moments that trigger an urge to laugh uncontrollably commingled with a sense of spreading unease.’


Positive reviews have also featured in The Telegraph, Radio Times, The Atlantic, Time and The New York Times.


You can watch the trailer here.