London to Paris Cycle was a success!


On Friday 15th September at 10.30am, 10 Farmers from our Engineering & IT team set off to cycle from Unlce, Livonia Street, to Paris over 3 days to raise funds for our Chief Engineer's niece's heart operation.

Adam’s niece, Verity, experienced a life threatening heart arrhythmia, which caused her heart to race at 250bpm just after her 2nd Birthday. Verity was diagnosed with an extremely rare tumour on her heart that causes her heart to beat in a fatal rhythm. Boston Children’s Hospital in America offers a cardiac tumour programme and have extensive experience in removal of this type of tumour with a 100% success rate.

This team consisted of Adam Peat, Adam Morris, Ben Beard, Chris Walters, Dave Logsdon, Jonny Blake, Jonny Gallimore, Paul Chapman, Rich Clark, and Rich Swindells.

The brilliant news is that Verity has now had her operation and everything so far has gone to plan, the tumour has been removed and her heart is back beating normally after the surgery. A huge thanks goes to all the kind people that have donated.

The team’s Just Giving page is still live and are collecting funds for after-care.