Hospital Special: Fighting Covid-19


Hospital Special: Fighting Covid-19, will be airing on Monday 11th May and Tuesday 12th May on BBC Two at 9pm. The documentary returns to follow the day-to-day realities the NHS faces in tackling the coronavirus pandemic, following staff and patients at London's Royal Free Trust from the first day of the lockdown.


The mini-series has had a fantastic level of press coverage including the Radio Times cover, Editor’s Letter and three-page feature. It's listed as 'Documentary of the week' in their Tuesday's choices and is described as 'an incredibly moving, visceral two-part documentary'.


We are incredibly proud to have helped Label 1 create what has been described as, 'public service television in its purist and more persuasive form'.


Radio Times cover:

Radio Times, Editor's Letter - 'Heroes in scrubs':

'No doubt there are occasions when you, like us, have momentarily doubted the need for social distancing, perhaps even questioned the need for lockdown. If that’s the case then you really ought to watch the BBC’s remarkable documentary Hospital this week.'

'This is public service television in its purest and more persuasive form. The final scene of the opening episode is one that you’ll be talking about long after the credits have rolled.'


Radio Times, feature 'We feel like we're going to war':

'Matron Hanton’s strength, resilience and humanity will be displayed to the nation this week in the latest series of Hospital. The award-winning observational documentary, which over five series has sent crews into hospitals across England, returns for two fast-turnaround programmes made during lockdown'


There's also an interview for the documentary-series in the TV Times, features in What’s on TV and the Daily Express, and highlights in TV & Satellite, Bella and Closer.


Watch the trailer online here.