Film Shortage's daily pick: Alone Together


Congratulations to Frog Spawn Film and Director, Luke Badford, for their drama short film ‘Alone Together’ being selected as Film Shortage's daily pick

We’re so proud to have be involved in such a beautiful and moving drama short film that was created, filmed and delivered during lockdown conditions. Our very own Farm dubbing mixer, Tom Povey, mixed the film.

The film is about, ‘a couple torn apart by the loss of their unborn child. Sara is now in a new home and is having to self isolate while her husband Greg - an NHS nurse - is on the front line, fighting the pandemic. When Greg drops off Sara’s belongings, isolation creates an unlikely setting for a breakthrough.’

Director, Luke Badford said, ‘like many filmmakers in lockdown, this has been an unnerving time for myself and many of my creative colleagues. As an exercise, I wanted to take the latest shooting guidelines/restrictions, and shoot a short film to demonstrate production and creativity is still possible beyond shooting solely on phones and Zoom!’

Watch the film and read more from the Director here.

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