Film Londons' Return To Work Scheme


Film London launched their Return To Work Scheme for the Post & VFX sector in High End Television & we're taking part!

They are looking to find parents and carers who have taken a career break and are keen to come back and work in the Post and VFX sector. They are looking for 8 Returners from across the UK to do a programme of ‘Re-training’ including workshops followed by a Returnship at leading companies.

They are looking for candidates who have worked in the following areas:

Production coordinators, production managers, post supervisors, post coordinators, VFX Supervisors, Compositors, Concept artists, VFX producers, Roto artists, Matte artists, Digital prep (Paint/prep artists), Finance and Sales.

Candidates who have not worked in Post and VFX, but have transferrable skills, are also encouraged to apply.

Find out more on how to apply here.