Broadcasts' Post House Survey


The Broadcast Post House Survey 2018 revealed The Farm Group is the post house with the best reputation with a result of 52%!

Broadcast wrote, 'The unanimous winner was The Farm, which was singled out by more than half of the production companies who responded'. 

Many production companies were asked, 'Why do you use The Farm Group?', Woodcut responded, 'Dubbing Mixer Steve Speed. He's brilliant and the only person we will trust with certain shows. They are incredibly professional and we know that they are experts in their field'.

Swan Films added 'Quality of service. Although it's a large company, you get lots of personal attention, even for small projects. The creative's are brilliant - particularly the dubbing mixers and colourists'.

Outline mentioned, 'Quality of service, cost, great location, including facilities in Bristol; relationship management'.

Open Mike also said, 'We have an excellent working relationship with them. They understand our needs and bend over backwards to help us achieve our goals. They deliver every time'.

Expectation Entertainment responded, 'Cost, facilities, talent, experience on similar formats, reliability and willingness to accommodate limited budgets'.

In reply to 'What would make you change post house?', Swan Films said 'If everyone left The Farm and joined another one.'

We are over the moon with the response to Broadcasts' Post House Survey 2018. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for the lovely words.

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