Baby Cow And CBBC Productions Win RTS Awards


Baby Cow’s Welcome to the Places of My Life collected the award for Best Scripted Comedy and CBBC’s Wolf Blood scooped Best Children’s Drama.

Directed by David Lambert, Welcome to the Places of My Life follows Alan Partridge as he treats viewers to a guided tour of his beloved Norfolk, revealing the places that have made him who, why and what he is today. From the Riverside Leisure Centre, Norwich City Hall and his local newsagent to the luscious expanse of Thetford Forest, Alan explores the key landmarks and natural beauty spots that have led some people to call Norfolk the 'Wales of the east'. Colin Peters formed a bright and natural tone within the grade, to compliment the Norfolk countryside, with the use of vignettes and several Sapphire plug-ins. Under the guise that the ‘documentary’ was produced by a Norfolk production company, the challenge set for Colin was to create a quasi-corporate look during the grade. Tom Corbett mixed with Avid Pro Tools to make it seem as though Alan Partirdge had done the editing himself. The voiceover had swallows and mispronunciations, and Tom added extra atmosphere to help pronounce a hard cut where it was intended to look like Alan had cut out a vicars’ answer. Moreover, he built a sound design of Hitler addressing the crowds from Norwich town hall from Alan’s perspective. Overall, the mix was filled with many of these little details that gave the programme its patrimilgrimidge feel. Matt Jeffreys and Barney Jordan onlined in Avid Symphony.

CBBC’s new 13 x 30 minute fantasy action drama tells the story of two seemingly ordinary teenagers, who are secretly part of a mysterious race who have lived among humans for centuries by disguising their abilities and blending in. BAFTA award winning colourist, Aidan Farrell, created a highly stylized look using the Nucoda Film Master and various Sapphire plug-ins. Aidan’s aim was to avoid the look used in a typical children’s TV drama. By combining high contrast with dark, hard, silvery and metallic tones Aidan gave Wolf Blood a strong, powerful texture and look, which in turn enhanced the context and drama of the series. Nigel Edwards created challenging sound set pieces to convey the Wolf Bloods mysterious and unique super powers, whilst overcoming the difficult shooting locations to provide a quality dialogue track. Furthermore, he constructed an animalistic wolf soundtrack that gave the wolves a ‘language’, bringing them, audibly, to life.

The Farm sends its congratulations to the production teams at both Baby Cow and CBBC Productions for their fantastic achievements.