Atrium Art Gallery at William Blake House


It's all about the art...

We are really happy to announce that after nearly 18 months the art gallery in the atrium at William Blake House has its first exhibition up on the walls.




Paul Driscoll

Paul lives in London and completed art and photography degrees in the USA and UK. He taught art and design for almost 20 years.




Portraits that catch a moment of joy, a glare, or a direct stare. The observational images are transposed to another plane by the use of vivid colour and stencil work to animate the image and imply the surreal.


Snow White... after the fairy tale

The Prince is less than charming and is no longer on the scene. Snow White is now a mother. The Story recalls the underlying moral and darker tones of the original stories and contrasts with the modern sanitised versions.
This art gallery is for our clients to relax and observe in between edits, but if you would like a private viewing, please get in touch with our Event & PR Manager, Mark Wynter.

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