About Us

Since our launch in Soho, London, in 1998, The Farm Group, part of Streamland Media, continues to provide the very best post-production talent and facility solutions for award winning programmes in London, Bristol, Salford and Manchester. Two people may have become 350, but the creative care along with attention to technical detail and service remains second to none.

We measure our success not solely by the large number of awards for creativity, but by the immense loyalty shown by our staff and clients.

As a company with a technical core, we are known for excellence, innovation and reliability. We are the go-to for the most challenging or ground-breaking international productions. All our sites are connected in order to give a truly trans-Atlantic offering, enabling seamless and collaborative project workflows.


What We Do

The Farm is best known for beautiful pictures and stunning sound on award-winning content. We are unusual in being equally respected in all the main genres, from scripted through to sport, via comedy, documentaries, music and many others along the way.

The Farm also has an experienced, versatile technical and operational installation team. For the times when it is not appropriate to come to us, we can come to you. Whether for a long-term, embedded solution like our fully-staffed studios within UKTV, a short-term build, like the Olympic edit village or a location-based production, we are expert in providing bespoke solutions.


Who We Work With

We enjoy long-lasting relationships with the independent production community as well as the major broadcasters both in the UK and the US including; BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, UKTV, Fox, CBS, NBC/ Universal, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Starz, Showtime, A+E, Warner Bros, HBO and Sony Crackle.

The Farm is central to the wider industry and is a proud partner of bodies such as BAFTA, Women in Film & TV, The Production Managers Association and The Edinburgh International TV Festival.

We are also active in developing the stars of tomorrow through links with Mama Youth as well as numerous charitable organisations.